Monthly Screenings
Dir.: Béla Tarr | 450 minutes


Hungary, Switzerland, Germany 1994 | 450 minutes | Hungarian | Hebrew, English subtitles

After the fall of communism, only a few members remain on an agricultural collective. While several members plot to escape with the communal property, a mysterious character from the past returns and reshuffles the cards. Béla Tarr’s masterpiece is divided into twelve chapters, each presenting the events from a different point of view, as the plot moves forward and backward in brilliant loops scripted by László Krasznahorkai (screenwriter and author of the book from which the film is adapted). Like in all of Tarr’s works, here too, the film combines long shots in black and white and rare visual richness, which in this restored copy, is all the more effective. Despite its challenging length (450 min.), this is one of the most perfect films of all times, and its screening a rare event.