Monthly Screenings

JFF Classics

Newly restored prints of unforgettable masterpieces


Dir.: Clemente Fracassi
| 95 minutes

A spectacular 1953 adaptation of Giuseppe Verdi’s formidable opera. Sofia Loren is cast as Aida, an Ethiopian servant who forces the Egyptian supreme commander to choose between love and loyalty to his country. Restored copy. 


Dir.: Ridley Scott
| 117 minutes

A newly-restored copy of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece marking its 40th anniversary. A space shuttle crew member is attacked by a strange creature. Back in the shuttle, it becomes clear that the threat lingers and will only grow more dangerous. 

Bar 51

Dir.: Amos Guttman
| 95 minutes

Thomas and his sister leave their hometown for the big city where they frequent a marginal Tel Aviv bar. There, Thomas’s love for his sister grows, while she strives to make a life of her own.  A newly restored version of Amos Guttman’s radical film.


Dir.: Béla Tarr
| 450 minutes

A rare opportunity to view a restored copy of Béla Tarr’s masterpiece. A few friends plot to escape an agricultural collective when a mysterious character from the past returns and reshuffles the cards.

The White Snake Enchantress

Dir.: Taiji Yabushita
| 78 minutes

The first Japanese animated feature film shot entirely in color—an adaptation of a Chinese love story between a snake disguised as beautiful princess and a young man. A digitized version recently screened at the Cannes FF.