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Bar 51
Dir.: Amos Guttman | 95 minutes

Bar 51

Israel 1985 | 95 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

After the death of their mother, Thomas and his sister Mariana leave their hometown for a brighter future in the city. They become patrons of a marginal bar in Tel Aviv, Bar 51, whose regulars serve as a backdrop for Thomas’s obsessive love for his sister, and her desire to break free and make a life of her own. Amos Guttman was a groundbreaking screenwriter and director who worked in Israel from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. Romanian born, Guttman was revered in Israel for his unique cinematic style and bold films, which exposed spheres that at the time were excluded from local movie theaters. This is a newly-restored version produced at the initiative of the Israel Film Archive and supported by the Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project.