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A Tale of Three Sisters
Dir.: Emin Alper | 107 minutes

A Tale of Three Sisters

Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Greece 2019 | 107 minutes | Turkish | Hebrew, English subtitles

This film follows three sisters from a small impoverished village in central Anatolia who, upon the request of their late mother, moved to the city where they were adopted as daughters-servants by wealthy foster families, in hopes of securing their financial futures. Now, unexpected circumstances lead them to the village where their father resides, and to a reunion after years away. All three share the same goal: to return to the big city as soon as possible. Emin Alper, who was raised in the Anatolian mountains, molds an enchanting fairytale from wonderfully photogenic images and landscapes. The film was in competition at the Berlin FFand was the recipient of five prizes at the Istanbul FF, including Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Actress, as well as the International Critics Award (FIPRESCI).