Monthly Screenings

In the Spirit of Freedom

An international competition for films dealing with humankind’s universal search for freedom and justice

Ghost Tropic

Dir.: Bas Devos
| 85 minutes

After a long day at work, Khadija falls asleep on the subway. When she awakes, she finds herself alone at the last station. Forced to walk home, she embarks on a nocturnal journey filled with surprising encounters.

Onsite screening

Give Me Liberty

Dir.: Kirill Mikhanovsky
| 119 minutes

Vic, a young Russian-American works as a driver for the disabled. When persuaded to drive his grandfather and all of his Russian neighbors to the funeral of someone in their building, Vic’s day spirals out of control.

Graves Without a Name

Dir.: Rithy Panh
| 116 minutes

Panh continues the journey he began with The Missing Picture (2013) in which he revisited the atrocities in 1970s Cambodia. The film focuses on Panh’s attempts to locate the burial sites of family members murdered by the Khmer Rouge.


Dir.: Sudabeh Mortezai
| 100 minutes

Joy, a Nigerian immigrant and victim of female trafficking, is forced to take charge of a young Nigerian girl who refuses to accept her fate. Screened at festivals worldwide, Joy was the recipient of the first prize at the London Film Festival.


Dir.: Yolande Zauberman
| 105 minutes

Years after leaving the orthodox Jewish world, Menachen returns to Bnei Brak to face a dark secret from the past. His journey sheds light on a repressed and particularly disturbing phenomenon. An award-winning documentary. 

Midnight Family

Dir.: Luke Lorentzen
| 81 minutes

An award-winning documentary about the Ochoa family’s private ambulance that operates illegally in Mexico City as a vital rescue force. As police corruption soars, they must raise enough money to legalize the family business. 

The Rest

Dir.: Ai Weiwei
| 78 minutes

Ai Weiwei, a leading artist of our generation, delves into the migrant crisis, while focusing on refugees from war-stricken regions who face Europe’s increasingly rigid policy, the media’s loss of interest, and surging xenophobia.

A Tale of Three Sisters

Dir.: Emin Alper
| 107 minutes

Three sisters reunite with their father after living for years in the city with families that adopted them as servants. An enchanting cinematic fairytale of hope and despair that takes place against the backdrop of Anatolia’s photogenic landscapes.


Dir.: Jayro Bustamante
| 107 minutes

Paolo, a 40-year-old Guatemalan evangelist and married father of two, falls in love with a man. He moves in with his lover, but his family is determined to help him “heal.” A sensitive personal film from the director of Volcano.

Widow of Silence

Dir.: Praveen Morchhale
| 85 minutes

Aasiya, a nurse at a hospital in Kashmir with a daughter and mother-in-law at home, is considered a “half widow,” whose husband was arrested and disappeared. To obtain his death certificate, she embarks on a mission against the corrupt authorities.

Ziva Postec, The Editor Behind the Film Shoah

Dir.: Catherine Hébert
| 92 minutes

Israeli film editor Ziva Postec worked in France in the 1960s and 70s with leading directors, such as Alain Resnais and Orson Welles. This film focuses on the highlight of her career—six years during which she edited Claude Lanzmann’s monumental film, Shoah