Monthly Screenings
Dir.: Yolande Zauberman | 105 minutes


France 2018 | 105 minutes | Yiddish, Hebrew, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

Menachem Lang left the orthodox Jewish world years ago. As a child, he was a dedicated Yeshiva boy acknowledged mainly for his melodic voice and promising cantorial skills. But behind the scenes, a dark secret lurked: for years, he had been sexually abused by rabbis in the community. Now, 35-year-old Menachem returns to the scene of the crime where random encounters reveal similar stories from the past and present which, together with his own personal account, shed light upon a repressed and particularly disturbing phenomenon. Esteemed French director Yolande Zauberman’s documentary, which was filmed entirely at night, won two awards at the Locarno Film Festival after which it was screened at dozens of festivals to outstanding critical acclaim.