Monthly Screenings
The Chantal Akerman Experimental Documentary Prize
Established to encourage the pioneering spirit of Chantal Akerman (Belgium, 1950-2015), this new prize recognizes a film, which like many in her filmography, expresses an actual event or story through inventive or experimental means. 
An international fine artist whose oeuvre incorporates an avant garde approach to moving image media, will select the winning film from the eligible titles. This award, in the sum of $7,500, is underwritten by the Ostrovsky Family Fund.
Nira Pereg, An internationally-celebrated media artist based in Tel Aviv, will be the artist-judge for this first edition of the OFF/Chantal Akerman award. Pereg’s signature works involve visuals from documented social & political events in order to re-think and alter their presence. Her own practice parallels the inventive documentary ethos that informs the criteria for this prize.


Dir.: Olivier Meyrou
| 74 minutes

Featuring Yves Saint Laurent’s final collection, this is a fascinating, yet not particularly flattering portrayal of an haute couture legend. Suppressed by the fashion house for years, it has only now been released throughout the world.

Graves Without a Name

Dir.: Rithy Panh
| 116 minutes

Panh continues the journey he began with The Missing Picture (2013) in which he revisited the atrocities in 1970s Cambodia. The film focuses on Panh’s attempts to locate the burial sites of family members murdered by the Khmer Rouge.

Heimat is a Space in Time

Dir.: Thomas Heise
| 218 minutes

Senior German documentary filmmaker, Thomas Heise, uses materials from his private archive to weave together the story of his family. His personal narrative reflects and uncovers the tumultuous national narrative of modern Germany.

Just Don't Think I'll Scream

Dir.: Frank Beauvais
| 75 minutes

During six months of heartbreak, French filmmaker Frank Beauvais watched hundreds of films and decided to present his personal story through a mesmerizing collage of clips from these films.  A masterpiece of editing and text.


Dir.: Yolande Zauberman
| 105 minutes

Years after leaving the orthodox Jewish world, Menachen returns to Bnei Brak to face a dark secret from the past. His journey sheds light on a repressed and particularly disturbing phenomenon. An award-winning documentary. 


Dir.: Ariel Semmel
| 80 minutes

For the last 24 years, I have been documenting my life obsessively. It all started in 1996, when I was abducted by extra-terrestrials. My name Is Ariel Semmel and Parano is my crazy true story. For ages 18+

The Rest

Dir.: Ai Weiwei
| 78 minutes

Ai Weiwei, a leading artist of our generation, delves into the migrant crisis, while focusing on refugees from war-stricken regions who face Europe’s increasingly rigid policy, the media’s loss of interest, and surging xenophobia.