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Graves Without a Name
Dir.: Rithy Panh | 116 minutes

Graves Without a Name

France, Cambodia 2018 | 116 minutes | French, Khmer | Hebrew, English subtitles

In Graves Without A Name, esteemed Cambodian director Rithy Panh continues on the personal and spiritual journey he began with The Missing Picture (2013)—an Oscar-nominated masterpiece revisiting the atrocities that took place in Cambodia in the 1970s which eliminated a fifth of its population. If his previous films analyzed the mechanisms of evil, this film aspires to travel a path to peace, and focuses on Panh’s attempts to locate the burial sites of members of his family, most of whom were murdered under the Khmer Rouge regime, which collapsed exactly 40 years ago. This is a cinematic study that interweaves the national and personal, past and present. It is “at once emotionally overwhelming, visually ravishing, and intellectually stimulating” (Hollywood Reporter).

Original title:
Les tombeaux sans noms