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The Rest
Dir.: Ai Weiwei | 78 minutes

The Rest

China, Germany 2019 | 78 minutes | English, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, French, Italian, German, Kurdish, Greek | Hebrew, English subtitles

Alongside his work as an artist, Ai Weiwei, one of the most prominent artists of our generation, has been recently involved in documentary filmmaking. As in his artwork, Weiwei’s films assert the values of humanism and strive toward an uncompromising defense of human dignity. In line with his previous film Human Flow (2017), here too, the Chinese master delves deeper into the migrant crisis and focuses on refugees who fled to Europe from war-stricken regions only to find themselves caught up in eternal limbo given Europe’s increasingly rigid policy, the media’s loss of interest, and surging xenophobia. Over 900 filmed hours were edited into a collage of intimate and restless human portraits that echo Europe’s failure and the collapse of its liberal values.