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Ghost Tropic
Dir.: Bas Devos | 85 minutes

Ghost Tropic

Belgium 2019 | 85 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Present day Brussels. After an exceptionally long day at work, Khadija, a middle-aged cleaning woman, falls asleep on the subway. When she awakes, she finds herself alone at the last station, on the last train of the day. With no cash or any other means of transportation, she starts walking home. On her nocturnal journey, she not only seeks out the help of others, but is obliged to help people she encounters on the way. In his latest film, Flemish filmmaker Bas Devos (whose Hellhole is also screened at the Festival), weaves an intelligent and sensitive tale, with lyrical qualities, at the center of which is Saadia Bentaïeb’s captivating performance. Perfectly filmed in 16mm, the film premiered at Cannes Directors Fortnight to critical acclaim.