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Give Me Liberty
Dir.: Kirill Mikhanovsky | 119 minutes

Give Me Liberty

USA 2019 | 119 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Vic, a young Russian-American from Milwaukee, works as a driver for the disabled and shares an apartment with his grandfather. One stressful morning, while demonstrators fill and block the streets, Vic extends his regular route in order to take his grandfather to the funeral of someone in the building. Meanwhile, the other Russian neighbors decide to go along for the ride, and from here on, Vic’s day spirals beyond his control. Mikhanovsky’s second feature, which was shown at the Sundance FF and later at Cannes, is an effective realistic comedy that draws upon the director’s personal experiences. Mikhanovsky skillfully directed and edited the film with praiseworthy precision, and the result is an amusing and enchanting human portrait of diverse marginal communities.