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So Long, My Son
Dir.: Wang Xiaoshuai | 180 minutes

So Long, My Son

China 2019 | 180 minutes | Chinese | Hebrew subtitles

So Long, My Son is the story of two neighboring families over three decades in China, and against the political and social changes that transformed it. It begins in the 1980s when each family was permitted to have only one child; as a result, the families’ children are practically brothers. When a tragedy disrupts this ideal relationship and one family leaves for a place far away, it appears that they are separated for ever. But despite their different fates, the search for the truth and the desire to reconcile with the past remains in both families. This is a beautiful, heartfelt drama about families, society, and a country in transition. The film was screened at Berlinale to critical acclaim and won the Silver Bear for the lead actors’ outstanding performances.

Original title:
Di jiu tian chang