Monthly Screenings


New films by today’s most renowned and influential film directors

By the Grace of God

Dir.: François Ozon
| 137 minutes

François Ozon’s new film, winner of the Berlinale’s Grand Jury prize, adapts a current news story about a Catholic priest charged with child abuse. Three childhood friends reunite to understand how their past has affected their lives.

Coincoin and the Extra-Humans

Dir.: Bruno Dumont
| 208 minutes

When a mysterious sticky black material is discovered in a French village, the police chief and his deputy set out to solve the mystery. An extraordinarily humorous and absurd second season of Bruno Dumont’s mini-series Quinquin.

The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

Dir.: Xavier Dolan
| 123 minutes

A decade after the death of a television star, an actor remembers their written correspondence and its effect on their lives. Dolan’s first English-speaking film is a stylized melodrama starring Kit Harrington and Natalie Portman.

Diego Maradona

Dir.: Asif Kapadia
| 130 minutes

Asif Kapadia’s (Senna, Amy) documentary on Diego Maradona, considered the greatest soccer player in history, is not only about soccer, but is rather a portrait of one of the most intriguing cultural heroes of our time.

Each and Every Moment

Dir.: Nicolas Philibert
| 105 minutes

Documentarian Nicolas Philibert (To Be and To Have) employs his characteristic cinema verité style while following student nurses at Montreuil’s medical institute. The result is both entertaining and moving.

The Fall of the American Empire

Dir.: Denys Arcand
| 129 minutes

A young philosopher staggers onto the scene of a crime gone wrong. When he finds sacks containing millions of dollars, he has to decide whether to take the contents or leave them behind. Denys Arcand’s new film offers a witty look at the domination of money in modern society.

Ghost Town Anthology

Dir.: Denis Côté
| 96 minutes

In a small town in Quebec, with a population of 215, a young man dies in a car accident. Or was it an accident? From that point on, something descends slowly upon the area and strangers start to appear. A haunting cinematic tale by Denis Côté (Vic + Flo Saw a Bear).

The Halt

Dir.: Lav Diaz
| 278 minutes

In 2034, South East Asia has gone completely sunless as a result of a volcanic eruption. Pandemics rage; millions are killed or driven out, and the state is ruled by a mad dictator. Filipino master Lav Diaz’s new film.


Dir.: Albert Serra
| 120 minutes

In 1774 Germany, ex-aristocrats recruit the support of an admired duke in spreading Libertinism, a philosophy that rejects moral boundaries in favor of uninhibited pleasure-seeking. Albert Serra’s enrapturing new film.

Little Joe

Dir.: Jessica Hausner
| 105 minutes

Alice, a senior botanist, develops a flower with unique psychotherapeutic benefits: it releases an ingredient that can make its owner happy. But when she gives one to her son, she discovers that its effect is not that innocent.


Dir.: Mia Hansen-Løve
| 107 minutes

A new film by Mia Hansen-Løve (Eden), one of the most fascinating voices in contemporary European cinema. A reporter, recently released from Isis captivity, travels to India and falls in love with his godfather’s daughter, Maya.


Dir.: Olivier Assayas
| 107 minutes

Assayas’s new film, starring Juliette Binoche and Guillaume Canet, is a witty comedy about a publisher and author who face mid-life crises, the changing literary world, and dominant wives. A critically-acclaimed festival favorite. 

On a Magical Night

Dir.: Christophe Honoré
| 86 minutes

After 20 years of marriage, Maria decides to leave her husband. She moves into a hotel across the street where people from her past appear and share their opinions. A witty comic fantasy, starring Chiara Mastroianni. 

So Long, My Son

Dir.: Wang Xiaoshuai
| 180 minutes

A tragedy links the fates of two Chinese families in a heartfelt drama spanning three decades of political, human, and social change. Screened at the Berlinale where it won two prizes for acting.

Young Ahmed

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
| 85 minutes

A new film by the Dardenne brothers, winners of the Palm D’or for Rosetta and The Son, for which they won the Best Direction award at Cannes this year. A Belgian boy of Muslim origin experiences the process of radicalization. 

Zombi Child

Dir.: Bertrand Bonello
| 103 minutes

In his new film, Bertrand Bonello (St. Laurent) explores a modern Haitian myth while shifting between Haiti of 1962 and contemporary Paris as a way to touch upon social, political, and ethnographic issues.