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System Crasher
Dir.: Nora Fingscheidt | 118 minutes

System Crasher

Germany 2019 | 118 minutes | German | Hebrew, English subtitles

She’s little but dangerous. No matter where Benni goes, she’s suspended. The child welfare services have practically lost hope for the nine-year-old who has no intention of changing her ways. She wants one thing: to return home to her mother. But her mother is afraid of her. Doggedly determined to find a solution, her case worker is aided by Micha, a young man who specializes in anger management, and there is hope that he will succeed where everyone else failed. Nora Fingscheidt’s debut film is an impressive, curious work centered upon a harrowing performance by the young Helena Zengel. This year, the film won Berlinale’s Alfred Bauer Award for a film that “opens new perspectives on cinematic art.”