Monthly Screenings


An international competition for outstanding films by the future generation of filmmakers


Dir.: Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja
| 106 minutes

Aniara, a massive space shuttle, transports human beings to a new colony on Mars. But a sudden accident sets the ship off course and the passengers soon realize they may not reach their destination alive.

Blind Spot

Dir.: Tuva Novotny
| 98 minutes

A breathtaking debut film made entirely in one shot. “One of the most powerful cinematic experiences, daringly a way that consistently engages us with its characters' emotional processes” (Screen Magazine).

The Chambermaid

Dir.: Lila Avilés
| 102 minutes

A young chambermaid in a luxury hotel in Mexico City agrees to work endless hours to satisfy her superiors, but she soon realizes that appropriate compensation is not necessarily awarded those who work harder. A prize-winning debut film.


Dir.: Armando Praça
| 97 minutes

Pedro, a male nurse in Brazil needs a bed for a sick friend and decides to help a police-monitored criminal escape from the hospital. He takes the man to his apartment to treat him and a romantic-abusive relationship ensues.

House of Hummingbird

Dir.: Kim Bo-ra
| 138 minutes

In 1994 Korea, a teen passes her days feeling alienated. When a new teacher arrives, it seems as though there is finally someone who understands her. Kim Bo-ra’s debut film about adolescence won prizes at Busan FF and the Berlinale.

Mickey and the Bear

Dir.: Annabelle Attanasio
| 88 minutes

In Montana, a teenaged girl does everything for her widowed father who suffers from PTSD. When his behavior takes a particularly destructive turn, she is forced to choose between family commitment and self-fulfillment.


Dir.: Jonah Hill
| 85 minutes

Jonah Hill debuts as writer-director in this beautiful film about the Los Angeles skating scene during the mid-1990s. The life of 13-year-old Stevie takes a turn when befriends a group of older skaters and catches the skating fever.

Our Mothers

Dir.: César Díaz
| 78 minutes

Cannes Camera d’Or winner is a tantalizing drama that takes place in Guatemala. A forensic anthropologist investigating the crimes of the 1980s civil war, encounters new evidence including a photograph of a man who resembles his father.

Ray & Liz

Dir.: Richard Billingham
| 108 minutes

On the outskirts of Birmingham and the margins of society, the Billingham family members perform extreme rituals and break social taboos as they muddle through a life decided by factors beyond their control.

Song Without A Name

Dir.: Melina León
| 97 minutes

In 1980s Peru, a young woman decides to have her baby at a free clinic, but following the birth, she discovers her baby has been kidnapped. Desperate to find her child, she meets a journalist willing to help her. Based on a true story.

System Crasher

Dir.: Nora Fingscheidt
| 118 minutes

Nine-year-old Benni is a violent child so out-of-control she is unplaceable within the system. However, there is a spark of hope when Micha, an anger management specialist, takes her under his wing. Winner of the Berlinale Silver Bear.

The Third Wife

Dir.: Ash Mayfair
| 94 minutes

In 19th century rural Vietnam, 14-year-old May marries a wealthy landowner, becoming his third wife. The only way to improve her status is to provide him with a male heir, however, her desire for the second wife jeopardizes her plan.