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The Chambermaid
Dir.: Lila Avilés | 102 minutes

The Chambermaid

Mexico 2018 | 102 minutes | Spanish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Eve is a young chambermaid in a luxury hotel in Mexico City, which is populated by extremely wealthy guests whose lives she cannot fathom. Long shifts prevent her from caring for her son, while she works endless hours to placate her superiors with hopes of being promoted to work on the highest and most desirable floor. But Eve gradually becomes aware of the fact that appropriate compensation is not necessarily awarded those who work harder. Lila Avilés’s excellent debut film penetrates the daily routine of a charming chambermaid while intelligently highlighting—with subtle humor and by evading didactics—the inconceivable divides of modern capitalism. A multiple award winner that marked Avilés as a promising new name in film.