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Hassan Arfa Compound
Dir.: Yoav Gurfinkel | 55 minutes

Hassan Arfa Compound

Israel 2019 | 55 minutes | Hebrew, Russian | English subtitles

The Hasan Arfa Compound, an assembly of small workshops and garages built on a deserted Arab grove, is a neglected enclave in the heart of Tel Aviv, occupied by people on the margins of society. Today, it is in the process of demolition, and new high-rises are being planned on its ruins. Attay, a metal workshop owner, has received an eviction notice but refuses to leave, despite continuous threats from local outlaws. Andrey, once a respected graphic designer in the USSR, is now mostly drunk, and addicted to “Nice Guy.” Misha, who wants to flee the country but is tied down by an old debt, is building his escape raft. Homeless Yitzhak narrates the plot of his disappearing reality with encyclopedic knowledge. Like a modern day forsaken town in the Wild West—money, principles, and despair meet for one final duel.