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What If? Ehud Barak on War and Peace
Dir.: Ran Tal | 85 minutes

What If? Ehud Barak on War and Peace

Israel 2020 | 85 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew subtitles

Can a leader succeed in influencing the world? Or is he, as any other human being, only a nutshell tossed to the waves of history with no ability to affect it?

Tolstoy pondered this question in War and Peace. Ehud Barak, controversial former prime minister and a decorated commander on the battlefield, contemplates it in this film.

Twenty years after he was forced to resign from the premiership due to the failure of the 2000 Camp David summit, 78-year-old Barak observes his own history and the history of the State of Israel with disillusioned clarity, while trying to figure it all out - "What if?"