Monthly Screenings

76 Days

Dir.: Hao Wu, Anonymous, Weixi Chen
| 93 minutes

In January 2020, the Chinese government locked down the city of Wuhan in an attempt to stop the mysterious disease outbreak in the region. The film takes us to the front lines of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, and via intensive documentation of the 76 days of quarantine, reveals a series of breathtaking stories.


Bernstein Foundation Grant Films

A Cage Painted Gold

Dir.: Tal Cohen
| 28 minutes

In the year 2000, an SLA soldier named Fahed Eid was forced to flee from Lebanon to Israel with his wife and children and leave his whole life behind. Now, he cares for both of his disabled children and his wife who cannot walk, and dreams of being a part of the Israeli nation.


About Endlessness

Dir.: Roy Andersson
| 76 minutes

Acclaimed filmmaker Roy Andersson’s film, recipient of the Best Director prize at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, presents a series of short vignettes of the world at its most absurd, while singing a praise song to the love and grace it holds.


The Accident

Dir.: Omri Dekel-Kadosh
| 31 minutes

Omri reunites his family for a drive to the desert. Facing his camcorder, he'll ask them to recollect the drive and fatal car accident they had on the way to his Bar Mitzvah. An accident that led to his parent’s divorce.


And Now Shut Your Eyes

Dir.: Tom Nesher
| 12 minutes

A young woman attends an art opening, desperately trying to fit in. She puts on audio-guide headphones and observes the exhibit. Suddenly, the narrator starts giving her wild instructions until she does the unspeakable.



Dir.: Sophie Deraspe
| 109 minutes

A contemporary, award-winning adaptation of the Greek classic Antigone by Sophocles. The modern-day Antigone is the daughter of a family of refugees – an outstanding student who concocts a brilliant plan to free her brother from prison.


April 7, 1980

Dir.: Nadav Schirman
| 84 minutes
On April 7 1980, terrorists infiltrated a kibbutz but find themselves trapped in the children’s nursery with hostages less than four years old. Told from multiple perspectives, this is the true story of that night.



Dir.: Ryan White
| 104 minutes

The mysterious murder of Kim Jong-nam, brother of the North Korean leader, is the focal point of this gripping documentary. The murder suspects are two young women, but are they two shrewd assassins, or just innocent women who fell prey to twisted power plays?


Onsite screening

The Assistant

Dir.: Kitty Green
| 87 minutes

Julia Garner (Ozark) is the personal assistant to a tycoon from the entertainment world, whose face is never revealed but whose character is inspired by Harvey Weinstein. Over a period of 24 hours, we are witness to her toxic and repressive work environment.



Dir.: Valentyn Vasyanovych
| 106 minutes

An award-winning film that takes place in 2025 in the post-apocalyptic regions of eastern Ukraine. Sergei embarks on a special mission and meets Katya. Together, they attempt to create a hint of normalcy in an insane reality and might even allow themselves to fall in love.


Dir.: Elad Davidovitch Schicowich
| 50 minutes
A young man observes Israeli society from his balcony. This deep and painful reflection opens past wounds. On the week between Israel’s Memorial and Independence Day he needs to focus on himself.

Beast Beast

Dir.: Danny Madden
| 85 minutes

In a typical southern suburb, the lives of three teenagers intertwine: Krista, Adam, and Nitto. Danny Madden's first feature is an impressive work examining the lives of American teenagers, in a world governed by internet.


The Bells are Ringing for Ahuva Ozeri

Dir.: Ofer Pinchasov
| 96 minutes

In 1999, gifted musician Ahuva Ozeri is planning a comeback. She is recording a new album - The Bells are Ringing. This film, based on a rare archival material, follows the album's production.In 1999, gifted musician Ahuva Ozeri is planning a comeback. She is recording a new album - The Bells are Ringing. This film, based on a rare archival material, follows the album's production.



Dir.: Avishai Sivan
| 5 minutes

A man of about 40 enters a vacant apartment in an abandoned building facing redevelopment. He has just returned from traveling abroad and will self-quarantine. Time stands still. Every posture, each and every step must be measured, imparting good health. Boredom sinks in. Death is a probability.



Dir.: Saleh Saadi
| 15 minutes

A father gives his son a ride to the airport. The car breaks down on the way.



Dir.: Ada Ushpiz
| 128 minutes

The intimate stories of three girls and two boys, ages 6-17, from East Jerusalem and Hebron, open a window to the emotional, educational, and political struggles of Palestinian minors under occupation – pawns in a life they did not choose.


Corpus Christi

Dir.: Jan Komasa
| 116 minutes

Jan Komasa’s film has reaped dozens of awards and was nominated for an Oscar. The film revolves around a young criminal, recently released from prison, who impersonates a priest in a small village. Over time, he discovers that the residents have even greater secrets than his own. 



Dir.: Tsai Ming-Liang
| 127 minutes

Kang is suffering from an unexplained pain that grips his body and he tries to find treatment that will provide some relief. Non lives in a modest apartment in Bangkok and works hard cooking traditional dishes. When the two meet at a hotel, their loneliness seems to disappear for a few moments. The newest film by Taiwan's master Tsai Ming-Liang (The Wayward Cloud).


Desert One

Dir.: Barbara Kopple
| 107 minutes

Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple tells the full tale of the covert mission to rescue 52 American hostages held in the American Embassy in Teheran in 1980.


The Dissident

Dir.: Bryan Fogel
| 119 minutes

On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul and never came out. With exclusive access, Academy Award–winning filmmaker Bryan Fogel unearths hidden secrets in this real-life international documentary thriller. 


Empty Spaces

Dir.: Ben Ziv
| 27 minutes

Nati, an officer in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is heading south with three soldiers in order to perform a very complicated mission.


The Exchange – 2020

Dir.: Eran Kolirin
| 94 minutes

A man returns home at a time which he has never been before, when the light falls on it differently. A man returns home at an hour in the day at which he's never returned before, and for a moment, it seems to him that the home is not his own. A man returns to his life at a time in which he never lived and looks at it as the child he once was. A man stands and looks at his life from the side, but is this life still his own?



Dir.: Srdan Golubović
| 120 minutes

Nikola, father of two, is forced to hand over his children to welfare services after poverty and hunger drive his wife to commit an unfathomable act. When he discovers local rampant corruption, he decides to set out on foot to the government offices in Belgrade.

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