Monthly Screenings
April 7, 1980
Dir.: Nadav Schirman | 84 minutes

April 7, 1980

Israel 2020 | 84 minutes | Hebrew, Arabic, English | Hebrew, English subtitles
On the eve of the Passover holiday, a squad of PFLP commandos cuts the northern border fence and infiltrates Kibbutz Misgav-Am. Their mission is to take hostages in order to negotiate the release of prisoners held in Israeli jails. But that night, most of the kibbutz members are away and the kibbutz is half empty. A light comes on in one of the small kibbutz houses, making it the target for the commandos. When they realize this is not a family home, but rather, the young children’s nursery, it’s already too late.
When the kibbutz members understand what has happened, the PFLP commandos barricade themselves with their hostages: children ages 3-4, two babies, and a guard.