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La Llorona
Dir.: Jayro Bustamante | 97 minutes

La Llorona

Guatemala, France 2019 | 97 minutes | Spanish, Mayan-Kaqchikel, Mayan-Ixil | Hebrew, English subtitles

Anyone who knows anything about Mexican folklore has heard of La Llorona, the spirit of a woman who drowned her children in the river. According to tradition, her weeping can still be heard today, and she is the cause of terrible tragedies that happen to anyone who comes near her or hears her cry. Jayro Bustamante, the esteemed Guatemalan director (Ixcancul, Temblores) returns to the JFF with his third feature in which he inserts the myth within a contemporary plot. Thirty years after Alma and her children fall prey to a violent massacre, an indictment is filed against an aging general who was behind the atrocities. But the courts acquit him, and in the process, the spirit of the weeping woman comes to life and now walks among the living.