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Nadia, Butterfly
Dir.: Pascal Plante | 107 minutes

Nadia, Butterfly

Canada 2020 | 107 minutes | French, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

She may still be young and at the peak of her career, but Nadia has made up her mind. After the Olympic games in Tokyo, she will put her glorious swimming career behind her in order to escape a harsh life filled with sacrifices. After the very last race, she is swept away by nights of drinking, partying, and loss of control in an attempt to deal with her emotional crisis. This new film by Canadian director Pascal Plante (Fake Tattoos) is a clever and touching work that takes us to places not seen enough on the silver screen. Indiewire stated that the film provides a "deeply felt (almost anthropological) look at a rare butterfly in search of the second chrysalis she needs to spread her wings."

Courtesy of Embassy of Canada