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Born in Deir Yassin
Dir.: Neta Shoshani | 63 minutes

Born in Deir Yassin

Israel, France 2017 | 63 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew subtitles

There is no access to Deir Yassin.

The first Arab village to be conquered in ‘48 has been fenced off when the government's ‘Kfar Shaul’ mental hospital was founded on it in '51. This film tells the metamorphosis account of that piece of land. Dror get to Kfar Shaul to receive his mother's records. While he is trying to unveil the secrets of his past the filmmakers try to reveal the secrets of their founding fathers. For the first time they talk - the Lehi and Irgun fighters that occupied the village, the Haganna spies that were sent after them and the Gadna youth that buried the corpses. Through their memories the complete Israeli narrative of the Deir Yassin conquest is exposed.