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Documentary Competition

Van Leer Competition for Full-Length Israeli Documentary Films


The films inthis category are nominated for:

Van Leer Award for Best Documentary Film

Van Leer Award for Best Director of a Documentary Film


Dir.: Tal Haim Yofee
| 72 minutes

Two holocaust survivors live in a tiny apartment. The movie portrait the daily routine of one day in their life, getting up, dress, every little action takes eternity, creating a flex in time.  

Born in Deir Yassin

Dir.: Neta Shoshani
| 63 minutes

The tragic metamorphosis account of Deir Yassin- Kfar Shaul, that after being occupied in the independence war, became a hospital for the mentally insane.

Conventional Sins

Dir.: Anat Yuta Zuria, Shira Clara Winther
| 70 minutes

Meir’s diary describes the abuse he suffered as a 14-year-old at the hands of a group of ultraorthodox paedophiles. Years later, he reopens the diary in order to reconstruct his story and portray the issue of paedophilia in ultraorthodox society.

In Her Footsteps

Dir.: Rana Abu Fraiha
| 70 minutes

My mother's last wish was to be buried as a Muslim in Omer, our Jewish hometown, where she lived for 20 years. I accompany my mother on her last journey that forces the entire family to deal with dilemmas and loss.

The Museum

Dir.: Ran Tal
| 74 minutes

The Museum is a film that observes, examines and ponders Israel's most important cultural institution, the Israel Museum

Rachel Agmon

Dir.: Yair Agmon
| 50 minutes

Yair is now exposed to two completely conflicting narratives, which make up one story - funny, whacky, full of lies, grandeur, wretchedness - and love.

West of the Jordan River

Dir.: Amos Gitai
| 94 minutes

Amos Gitai returns to the Occupied Territories for the first time since his 1982 documentary Field Diary. West of the Jordan River describes the efforts of citizens, Israelis and Palestinians, who are trying to overcome the consequences of the Occupation.