Monthly Screenings
The Great Eagle
Dir.: Uri Rosenwaks | 150 minutes

The Great Eagle

Israel 2017 | 150 minutes | Hebrew, English | Hebrew subtitles

When delving into the world of Maimonides, the greatest Jewish adjudicator and philosopher in history, one thing becomes clear: if he were to suddenly awake and appear in the State of Israel of 2017, he would most certainly be baffled. Like every myth, and especially one created 800 years ago, everyone today has his own Maimonides, right wing or left wing, intellectuals or rabbis, whether orthodox, religious nationals, or secular.  But "The Great Eagle” himself remains partly as mystery; what were his influences? In what language did he speak and think? What were the events that shaped his life?
Above all, what remains of his perceptions in Israel and present-day Judaism?