Monthly Screenings

Israeli Cinema - Special Screenings

Cut to the Chase

Dir.: Noit Geva
| 60 minutes

A cinematic puzzle made up of hundreds of Israeli feature films from the 1960's till this day. Fragments of shots, pieces of scenes, and short clips from different periods, styles, and colors, are assembled together to create a new narrative: the story of the Israeli man.

Field Diary

Dir.: Amos Gitai
| 83 minutes

Amos Gitai documents the IDF’s actions in the Occupied Territories before and during the invasion of Lebanon. Gitai’s camera is not an objective eye, but rather, a subversive means of expression on the Occupation.

The Great Eagle

Dir.: Uri Rosenwaks
| 150 minutes

Delving into the world of Maimonides, the greatest Jewish adjudicator and philosopher clarifies one thing; if he would suddenly awake and appear in the State of Israel of 2017, he would most certainly be baffled.


Dir.: Gilberto Tofano
| 100 minutes

Tamar lost her husband in the Six Day War, and now wants to put her pain behind her and find new love. However, her late husband's friends and family expect her to remain in mourning for the rest of her life to keep his memory alive. A Newly restored DCP.