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Swimming Against the Current
Dir.: Assel Abu Hjoul | 25 minutes

Swimming Against the Current

Israel 2017 | 25 minutes | Arabic, Hebrew | Hebrew, English subtitles

Iyad Shalabi, 29 years old from Shefa-'Amr (an Arab-Israeli city) was born deaf-mute and after falling from the rooftop at the age of 12, became Paraplegic. After meeting Jacob, Coach of the Israeli Paralympics Swimming National Team, Iyad becomes a successful Olympic swimmer. Yusef, Iyad's father, devotes his entire life to his son's new career and success. The film follows Iyad and Yusef on their way to the World Championship in Scotland, while observing the ways in which Iyad and his father deal with life's hardships.

Bernstein Foundation Grant Winner, Final Project by Outstanding Student