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My Cousin Tami
Dir.: Tomer Asayag | 25 minutes

My Cousin Tami

Israel 2016 | 25 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

The story depicts the Chronicles of Tami, a young woman with severe drug addiction, through the lens of her cousin Tomer. Tami Ben-Illouz is a 24-year-old only child, who lives in a low-class housing project apartment in the Israeli coastal city of Ashdod. Tami lives with her mother Rachel, a middle-aged woman who suffers from extremely poor health and severe anxiety, and cannot cope with her daughter's roguish lifestyle. This indigent duo lives of social welfare and hardly makes ends meet. Tami is romantically involved with a young male drug addict named Gabi who introduced her to the drugs. Tammy's substance abuse and blind attachment to Gabi is extremely strenuous for her mother- mentally, morally, and financially. Her father is absent from her daily life due to his mental condition, which has made Tami search for a proper substitute at any price. When Tomer intervenes and tries to lead her cousin through the process of hospitalization in a rehab center, it feels promising, Will Tami find a way out?

Bernstein Foundation Grant Winner, Final Project by Outstanding Student