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Dir.: François Ozon | 113 minutes


France, Germany 2016 | 113 minutes | French, German | Hebrew subtitles

In a small German town in the aftermath of WWI, Anna grieves at the graveside of her fiancé, Frantz, who was killed in France. She encounters Adrian, a young Frenchman, who has come to lay flowers on the grave. His presence, so soon after Germany’s defeat, kindles new feelings. Inspired by Ernst Lubitz’s Broken Lullaby of 1932, in Frantz, Ozon – one of the most celebrated directors of our time – combines beautiful, black and white 35 mm shots with exquisite acting performances to produce a cinematic masterpiece that deeply contemplates whether lies and fiction are sometimes preferable over the painful truth. The film was screened at the last Venice Film Festival where it received critics’ accolades and won the prize for Best Young Actress.