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The Big Sick

Dir.: Michael Showalter
| 119 minutes

The Big Sick, this year’s most talked about romantic comedy, is based on Kumail Nanjiani’s (Silicon Valley) true-life story. A touching and amusing portrait of cultural gaps, love, and the healing power of humor. 

Brigsby Bear

Dir.: Dave McCary
| 100 minutes

After 25 years of isolation, James meets his biological family and decides to produce a film based on the TV show of his childhood. An intelligent comedy screened at Sundance and Cannes, created by Saturday Night Live’s showrunners.


Dir.: François Ozon
| 113 minutes

François Ozon’s film takes us to a small German town in 1919. Anna meets Adrian, a young Frenchman who has come to lay flowers on the grave of her fiancé, killed in WWI. His presence, so soon after Germany’s defeat, kindles new desires. 

Free Fire

Dir.: Ben Wheatley
| 90 minutes

In Boston of 1978, two gangs meet in a deserted factory to finalize an arms deal. They’re hoping for a swift exchange, but a petty quarrel becomes a chaotic gunfight. A mad crime comedy by British director Ben Wheatley. 

Heal the Living

Dir.: Katell Quillévéré
| 104 minutes

A young surfer from Normandy is hospitalized after a terrible accident. No one can tell if he’ll survive. At the same time in Paris, a woman awaits an organ transplant. An exemplary French drama about the fragility of life.    

The Man with the Iron Heart

Dir.: Cédric Jimenez
| 120 minutes

A thriller based on Laurent Binet’s bestseller about the assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi criminal, architect of the “Final Solution.” The film portrays his personal life alongside his military activities. 

Patti Cake$

Dir.: Geremy Jasper
| 108 minutes

Patti Cake$, a white, overweight, charismatic and enormously talented rapper dreams of escaping her tedious life in New Jersey. With the help of good friends and her grandmother, Patti sets out to conquer the Hip-Hop scene. 

Wind River

Dir.: Taylor Sheridan
| 110 minutes

Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen as an American hunter and FBI agent who join forces to investigate a rape and murder that shocks a Native American reservation. Taylor Sheridan’s directing debut. Winner of Best Director at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard 2017.  

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Dir.: John Cameron Mitchell
| 102 minutes

Punk devotee Enn would love to find a girl, and maybe he has after meeting the ethereal Zan (Elle Fanning), who considers punk to be "from another colony". John Cameron Mitchell’s intergalactic fusion of romcom and musical even sees Nicole Kidman passing as a rebel.