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The Big Sick
Dir.: Michael Showalter | 119 minutes

The Big Sick

USA 2017 | 119 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Kumail tells jokes for a living – and he has a lot to laugh about: his family, for instance, trying to live in America as if they were still back in Pakistan, or the potential brides his mother has in store for him who just ‘happen to be in the neighborhood’ and stay for dinner. Emily is a psychology student who loves comedy, and falls in love with Kumail. Their romance, like most, ends with a hefty dose of anger and a door slammed shut, but in fact, this is when the real story begins. This year’s most talked about romantic comedy, based on Kumail Nanjiani’s (Silicon Valley) real-life story, is a touching and amusing portrait of cultural gaps, love, and the way humor can heal almost anything.