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Patti Cake$
Dir.: Geremy Jasper | 108 minutes

Patti Cake$

USA 2017 | 108 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

You have yet to meet a rapper like Patti Cake$: white, overweight, charismatic, and enormously talented. Dreaming of the fame that will save her from tedious life with her alcoholic mother in New Jersey, Patti sets out to conquer the Hip-Hop scene with the help of friends and her grandmother. Patti Cake$, one of this year’s most talked-about films, was highly praised by audiences and critics alike at both Sundance and Cannes. In this energetic, sweeping debut, video-clip director Geremy Jasper demonstrates excellent cinematic proficiency, but the film’s success is due no less to Hollywood’s up-and-coming star, 26-year-old Daniel McDonald’s phenomenal performance.