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Lady Macbeth
Dir.: William Oldroyd | 89 minutes

Lady Macbeth

UK 2017 | 89 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

1865, Northern England. Katherine, a young woman, is sold into marriage as part of a real-estate deal. Imprisoned in her mansion and morose marriage, she resolves to become romantically involved with a young estate worker. The passionate love story sends her down a particularly dark path, at the end of which her hands are stained with blood. Screenwriter Alice Birch transports Nicholai Lascov’s renown novella to the English countryside, while director William Oldroyd accentuates its Hitchcockian atmosphere. Considering this is a debut film for both further highlights its exemplary achievement - a ripe, compact film that premiered at the Toronto FF and has since won multiple awards, including the Critics Award at the San Sebastian FF.