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An international competition for outstanding films by the future generation of filmmakers

FIPRESCI Award for International First Film

After the War

Dir.: Annarita Zambrano
| 93 minutes

An Italian activist exiled to France 20 years ago, is accused of ordering the murder of a judge as part of leftist protests in Bologna. This unsettles his life, and the lives of his daughter and estranged family in Italy. A clever and intelligent debut screened at Cannes this year.  

Bloody Milk

Dir.: Hubert Charuel
| 90 minutes

The peaceful life of a young dairy farmer turns tumultuous when a disease epidemic spreads to cowsheds throughout France. A touching and engaging debut, warmly received by critics at Cannes.  

The Desert Bride

Dir.: Cecilia Atán, Valeria Pivato
| 78 minutes

Teresa (Paulina García) ventures far for a new job. In the desert she loses her bag, but this small tragedy becomes the best thing that’s happened to her in years. A touching drama screened at this year’s Cannes’ Un Certain Regard gala.


Dir.: Ralitza Petrova
| 99 minutes

Winner of the top prize at the Locarno Film Festival. In a Bulgarian village, a nurse steals ID cards from her demented patients to sell on the black market. While her relationships are no source of comfort, a new patient touches her distorted conscience.

La Familia

Dir.: Gustavo Rondón Córdova
| 82 minutes

Andrés and his son Pedro live in a bad neighbourhood in Caracas. When Pedro pushes the limit, they escape to save their lives. A spirited film that makes the most of the urban landscapes and the special dynamic between the actors.

Lady Macbeth

Dir.: William Oldroyd
| 89 minutes

This exemplary adaptation of Nicholai Lascov’s novella has been a hit at all major film festivals, and won the Critics award at San Sebastian. In England of 1865, a romance between a young woman sold into marriage and an estate worker leads the heroine down a dark path. 


Dir.: Joshua Z. Weinstein
| 82 minutes

Menashe, a widowed ultra-Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, fights for custody of his son. The rabbi gives him a week to prove he’s worthy. A touching drama that explores the nature of faith and the cost of parenthood. 

The Most Beautiful Island

Dir.: Ana Asensio
| 80 minutes

A young Spanish immigrant escaping her past arrives in New York where she gets a mysterious job offer. A magnetic film that sheds light on a dark corner of the American dream cliché. Winner of the top prize at the SXSW Festival.

The Pot and the Oak

Dir.: Kiarash Anvari
| 72 minutes

The married life of an Iranian theatre persona collapses when he discovers he is sterile. A virtuosic film combining multiple cinematic devices to explore damaged masculinity, and show how a lie causes alienation within the couple’s relationship.  

Summer 1993

Dir.: Carla Simón
| 96 minutes

After her parents’ death, 6-year-old Frida spends the summer at her aunt and uncle’s home in rural Catalonia, where she finds it hard to cope with her loss and adapt to a new life. Winner of Best First Feature at Berlinale 2017. 

Tehran Taboo

Dir.: Ali Soozandeh
| 93 minutes

A magnificent animated film that takes us to Tehran, a city of restrictions and religious laws where every transgression can lead to draconian punishment. Three women and a musician take an alternative path, setting out on a daring journey.