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The Desert Bride
Dir.: Cecilia Atán, Valeria Pivato | 78 minutes

The Desert Bride

Argentina, Chile 2017 | 78 minutes | Spanish | Hebrew subtitles

Teresa has been a housekeeper for a wealthy family in Buenos Aires for decades. When the family sells the house, she is forced to travel far for her new job. On her way through the desert she loses her bag, an unfortunate turn of events that leads to a surprising encounter with the one person who can help her find it. Teresa shares the journey with Gringo, a travelling salesman, and her misfortune soon becomes the best thing that’s happened to her in years. Cecilia Atán and Valeria Pivato’s touching debut was screened at this year’s the Un Cannes Certain Regard Competition. In her stellar lead performance, esteemed actress Paulina García once again validates her superior status in contemporary South American cinema.