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Dir.: Jonah Hill | 85 minutes

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Screening will take place at the Community Center Plaza (Aharonov st.)

USA 2018 | 85 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Successful actor Jonah Hill debuts as writer-director in this beautiful first feature about the Los Angeles skating scene in the mid-1990s. Thirteen-year-old Stevie lives with his present-absent mother and insufferable brother. His life takes a turn when he befriends a group of older skaters and catches the skating fever. Using a 16mm camera, Hill directs his actors with precision and grace, and manages to create the tender coming-of-age story of a boy in search of himself by incessantly testing social boundaries. Hill’s meticulous reconstruction of the spirit of the times includes a great soundtrack of original music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, as well as hits by Nirvana, Cyprus Hill, and Seal.