Monthly Screenings
Set Professions: Not What You Thought

16:00-17:15 Intimate Scenes: Between the Personal and the Public

A panel led by director Jasmine Kainy and with the participation of intimacy coordinator Erga Yaari, actors Menashe Noy and Liron Ben Shlush and Dr. Keren Mintz.

In a world in which the need for clear boundaries arises inevitably and in a reality where nudity and sexuality appear more and more on screen, we will try to understand what does an intimate scene actually requires from its actors. We will discuss issues of how personal and environmental layers shape the emotional and physical experience of someone who plays intimacy, and what can we do to support the work process.

17:30-18:15 What’s the Hebrew word for “Showrunner”, and is there such a thing at all?

Yoram Honig in a conversation with Deakla Keydar, creator and screenwriter of "The Lesson" on the series “path” - from a short paragraph of an idea, to the Best Series award at the Canneseries Festival. We will try to decipher what enables a fruitful collaboration between a director and a screenwriter - from the stage of writing the script, through the various stages of production, from casting to filming and editing, and on the other hand, what are the pitfalls that “lurk” in such a dialogue? Can they be avoided in advance for the sake of the upcoming project?

18:30-19:15 Low Budget as a lever for Cinematography: Screenplay, Location, Video Board

Director Amichai Greenberg ("The Testament") will share his unique working methods: Pre-planning from the script stage through locations selection to video story-boards that allow a significant upgrade of the film. Examples will be shown from "The Pool," Greenberg's next film which is in post-production right now.

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