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An international competition for outstanding films by the future generation of filmmakers
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The Assistant

Dir.: Kitty Green
| 87 minutes

Julia Garner (Ozark) is the personal assistant to a tycoon from the entertainment world, whose face is never revealed but whose character is inspired by Harvey Weinstein. Over a period of 24 hours, we are witness to her toxic and repressive work environment.


Beast Beast

Dir.: Danny Madden
| 85 minutes

In a typical southern suburb, the lives of three teenagers intertwine: Krista, Adam, and Nitto. Danny Madden's first feature is an impressive work examining the lives of American teenagers, in a world governed by internet.


Last Days of Spring

Dir.: Isabel Lamberti
| 78 minutes

Isabel Lamberti's film, recently awarded Best First Feature in San Sebastian, takes us to a small town on the outskirts of Madrid. A family must deal with the tense reality which prevails in the area ever since the land was sold, forcing the residents to leave their homes.


Memory House

Dir.: João Paulo Miranda Maria
| 93 minutes

Cristovam, a black man from rural north Brazil, moves to a southern town, a strange sort of Austrian colony, to work in a milk factory. But xenophobia abounds all around and he feels isolated and alienated from the white world that surrounds him. 



Dir.: Eric Steel
| 118 minutes

Eric Steel’s takes us to 1980s Brooklyn as it follows 17-year-old David, the son of Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union. David embarks on a journey of self-discovery, discovers his sexuality, and tries to maneuver between his religious environment and the provocative districts of New York’s East Village.



Dir.: Peter Dourountzis
| 96 minutes

The brilliant first feature by Peter Dourountzis centers on the deceptive and enigmatic character of Dje, a destitute vagrant arriving in Paris following a prison term. His encounter with a graffiti artist named Maya gives rise to unexpected emotions.



Dir.: Charlène Favier
| 92 minutes

15 year-old Liz is accepted into a selective ski club that trains the future professional athletes. She becomes the protégé of Fred, a former champion. Under his tutelage, she is forced to deal with much more than the emotional and physical pressures of training.


Stories from the Chestnut Woods

Dir.: Gregor Božič
| 81 minutes

Years ago, there lived an elderly couple. The woman died, leaving her husband alone. While reflecting upon his life, he meets a young woman, a chestnut seller who dreamt of leaving the village. Two lonely people share past memories as well as worries about the future. 



Dir.: Aneil Karia
| 105 minutes

Joseph has a heartless job with a glum and dreary routine. One day, a series of frustrations leads him to commit an impulsive act of rebellion, an act that releases a wilder side of his personality. Thus, begins an uninhibited journey across the British capital, one that will finally make him feel alive.


The Trouble with Being Born

Dir.: Sandra Wollner
| 94 minutes

Ten-year-old Elli spends her summer days at the pool with her father. But Elli is not a human – she is a type of android who memorizes her "father’s" words. Until one night, she goes out into the woods that surround the home and ends up in unexpected places.



Dir.: Jeanette Nordahl
| 89 minutes

After her mother's death, 17-year-old Ida moves in with her domineering aunt and cousins, who live a life a crime and violence. When one of the family’s "operations" goes wrong, tensions increase, and our protagonist is forced to make very difficult decisions.