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Dir.: Peter Dourountzis | 96 minutes


France 2020 | 96 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

This brilliant first feature by Peter Dourountzis centers on the deceptive and enigmatic character of Dje, a young man who is definitely charming but has a very dark side. French actor Pierre Deladonchamps, (Stranger by the Lake), slips easily into the shoes of Dje, a destitute vagrant who arrives in Paris after serving time for an unknown crime. He turns out to be a witty and resourceful guy, one who knows how to get along in any situation and succeeds in charming strangers. But how dangerous is he? The clues are gradually revealed, and in this case, it is best to know as little as possible. But an encounter with a graffiti artist named Maya (Ophelie Bau from Mektoub, My Love) gives rise to unexpected emotions and perhaps also to a new path in life – one that Dje never experienced.

Courtesy of Institut Français d'Israël