Monthly Screenings

The films will be available to watch for free starting December 10, 2020 HERE>>>


Dir.: Avishai Sivan
| 5 minutes

A man of about 40 enters a vacant apartment in an abandoned building facing redevelopment. He has just returned from traveling abroad and will self-quarantine. Time stands still. Every posture, each and every step must be measured, imparting good health. Boredom sinks in. Death is a probability.


Filling Spaces

Dir.: Shachar Kantor
| 15 minutes

Within fragments of memory, pieces of interviews, and personal items, lies the story of two characters coping with loss. Filling Spaces is an interactive documentary experience using 3D scans, game design, and cinematography to explore intimacy and empathy.



Dir.: Karen Russo
| 8 minutes

Junkerhaus is shot in the residence of Karl Junker (1850 -1912) who dedicated his life to building his house in Lemgo, Germany. Reflections, projections and changes in light form abstract shapes which animate surfaces and structures, producing a psychological portrait that offers a new appreciation of architecture as mystical and visionary experience.




Dir.: Haviv Kaptzon
| 14 minutes

A video essay dealing with the relationship between man and the natural world and focusing on the dual meaning of the word "POWER," both as an electrical energy and as a political and economic significance. 



Dir.: Dor Zlekha Levy
| 9 minutes

Shomer dismantles and reassembles the architectural structure of the Magen Avraham synagogue in Beirut, in order to explore concepts such as authenticity and preservation, and their relationship with memory.