Monthly Screenings


Dir.: David Perlov
| 57 minutes

Biba Israeli, a Yom Kippur War widow who lives in Kfar Yehoshua in the Jezreel Valley. Her husband Uzi’s family was twice stricken by grief. This is a personal, human story providing a frank, unembellished look at pain and mourning. A newly-restored copy.

Border of Pain

Dir.: Ruth Walk
| 50 minutes

Ruth Walk's documentary examines the dependence of the Palestinian health system on Israel and exposes a complex network of interests and hardships dwelling side by side with the purest of human intentions.

Mada Russia

Dir.: Lina Holopov
| 45 minutes

A mother and daughter, Russian immigrants, try to bridge years of miscommunication, and to revitalize a connection long lost. Watching old home videos together, old memories begin to surface.

An Ordinary Life

Dir.: Efrat Shalom Danon, Gili Danon
| 55 minutes

Two women who have escaped the horrors of Africa search for sanctuary in Israel and Germany, where they are forever foreigners. In the face of contrasting immigration policies, this documentary sheds a light on their shared fate.

Saints Rest

Dir.: Noga Ashkenazi
| 82 minutes

An Israeli-American co-production about two estranged sisters, reunited for a summer in their Midwestern hometown. The sisters attempt to reconnect while family and career pull them in different directions.

Swordsman: Gabriel Moked

Dir.: Shlomit Carmeli, Raphael Carmeli
| 65 minutes

A documentary portrait of literary editor Gabriel Moked, the enfant terrible of Hebrew literature, who was the first to publish the works of many iconic writers. At 85 he continues to write, publish, and fight his way.