Monthly Screenings


Dir.: Justine Triet
| 110 minutes

Sybil, a psychologist, returns to her first passion: writing. She is inspired by a new patient, a young actress in crisis. Enchanted, Sybil is drawn into the patient’s world until their lives begin to blend in disturbing ways.

The Sign

Dir.: Eleonora Veninova, Yona Rozenkier
| 12 minutes

Sara firmly disagrees about her granddaughter’s wedding plans. To convince her not to marry, she takes Andrea to her husband’s grave and beg him for a sign.

The Factory 2019


Dir.: Guy Nattiv
| 20 minutes

A small supermarket in a blue collar town; a black man smiles at a 10-year-old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war that ends with a shocking backlash.

2019 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Live Action

So Long, My Son

Dir.: Wang Xiaoshuai
| 180 minutes

A tragedy links the fates of two Chinese families in a heartfelt drama spanning three decades of political, human, and social change. Screened at the Berlinale where it won two prizes for acting.

Song Without A Name

Dir.: Melina León
| 97 minutes

In 1980s Peru, a young woman decides to have her baby at a free clinic, but following the birth, she discovers her baby has been kidnapped. Desperate to find her child, she meets a journalist willing to help her. Based on a true story.

The Spider's Stratagem

Dir.: Bernardo Bertolucci
| 100 minutes

Bertolucci’s masterpiece is based on a story by Borges. A young man returns to the provincial town where his father was assassinated 30 years prior. Wherever he goes, he is met by hostility; mystery cloaks the village like a spider’s web.


Dir.: Carolina Markowicz, Neven Samardžić
| 10 minutes

Anka 12, and Yelena 45, know each other from the neighborhood grocery store where they spend their days, one inside, the other outside. One evening, an unexpected visit provokes an incident that will affect both women.

The Factory 2019

Spotting Yossi

Dir.: Kobi Farag, Morris Ben-Mayor
| 72 minutes

Thirteen years after his death, the great actor Yossi Banai comes to life for one final encore, with a cinematic memoir led by his own deep iconic voice. Pieced together from numerous archival sources, Banai directs the spotlight on to his own image. 


Dir.: László Nemes
| 142 minutes

In Oscar winner (Son of Saul) László Nemes’s new film, a young woman arrives in Budapest in 1913 to work at a store that her deceased parents had once owned. Instead, she becomes caught up in a tempestuous journey on the eve of WWI. 

The Swallows of Kabul

Dir.: Zabou Breitman, Eléa Gobbé-Mevellec
| 82 minutes

In 1998 Kabul, a young couple’s love blossoms. The streets are rife with violence, but they do not lose hope until an accident causes their lives to take an irreversible turn. A spectacular animated film screened at Cannes.

Swordsman: Gabriel Moked

Dir.: Shlomit Carmeli, Raphael Carmeli
| 65 minutes

A documentary portrait of literary editor Gabriel Moked, the enfant terrible of Hebrew literature, who was the first to publish the works of many iconic writers. At 85 he continues to write, publish, and fight his way.

System Crasher

Dir.: Nora Fingscheidt
| 118 minutes

Nine-year-old Benni is a violent child so out-of-control she is unplaceable within the system. However, there is a spark of hope when Micha, an anger management specialist, takes her under his wing. Winner of the Berlinale Silver Bear.

A Tale of Three Sisters

Dir.: Emin Alper
| 107 minutes

Three sisters reunite with their father after living for years in the city with families that adopted them as servants. An enchanting cinematic fairytale of hope and despair that takes place against the backdrop of Anatolia’s photogenic landscapes.

That's the Way You Love

Dir.: Limor Shmila
| 96 minutes

Tamara gives birth to her first daughter. The change shakes her world, altering the power dynamics in her marriage and sex life. As their intimacy becomes more and more demanding, Tamara is torn between her many roles.

The Third Wife

Dir.: Ash Mayfair
| 94 minutes

In 19th century rural Vietnam, 14-year-old May marries a wealthy landowner, becoming his third wife. The only way to improve her status is to provide him with a male heir, however, her desire for the second wife jeopardizes her plan. 


Dir.: Nir Berger
| 25 minutes

A screen-age love story. Adele, a 17-year-old internet "troll" who enjoys insulting her classmates online, is hit on by a like-minded boy. The flirtation is hindered when he asks to see what she looks like in real life.

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 1


Dir.: Jayro Bustamante
| 107 minutes

Paolo, a 40-year-old Guatemalan evangelist and married father of two, falls in love with a man. He moves in with his lover, but his family is determined to help him “heal.” A sensitive personal film from the director of Volcano.

An Unexpected Love

Dir.: Juan Vera
| 129 minutes

Marcos and Ana, married for 25 years, experience an existential crisis and separate. At first, single life seems fascinating, but eventually, it becomes too monotonous for Ana, and nightmarish for Marco. Opening Film of the most recent San Sebastian FF.

The Unrecognized

Dir.: Anna Oliker
| 48 minutes

Othman, a young Bedouin man, advocates for urbanization and modernization in the Bedouin community. When he fails to make progress in endless arguments with village men and politicians, he cooperates with his sister to spark a feminine alternative.


Dir.: Orit Fouks Rotem
| 21 minutes

A pink swan floats across a turquoise pool, against the desert. It’s Dana’s bachelorette party. A chance encounter with Hamis, an African asylum seeker, will bring the girls face to face with an uncomfortable truth.


Dir.: Lorcan Finnegan
| 97 minutes

Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots star in this film about a happy young couple looking for their future dream home. A mysterious real estate agent leads them to a house where they are trapped and forced to live with an unusual baby.