Monthly Screenings

The Fall of the American Empire

Dir.: Denys Arcand
| 129 minutes

A young philosopher staggers onto the scene of a crime gone wrong. When he finds sacks containing millions of dollars, he has to decide whether to take the contents or leave them behind. Denys Arcand’s new film offers a witty look at the domination of money in modern society.

A Family Submerged

Dir.: María Alché
| 91 minutes

In Buenos Aires, Marcela faces the daunting task of emptying out her dead sister’s apartment. She finds comfort with daughter’s friend, and an affair develops between the two. A unique debut film that won an award at the San Sabastian FF.

The Farewell

Dir.: Lulu Wang
| 98 minutes

A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she dies. A critically-acclaimed, intelligent, touching, and humorous drama which garnered much attention at the Sundance FF.


Dir.: Jeremy Comte
| 17 minutes

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer. Complicity evolves into a power struggle. This game will not prove as harmless as they thought.

Fire Will Come

Dir.: Oliver Laxe
| 85 minutes

Amador, a pyromaniac, is released from prison and returns to the Galician village where he was raised. Life is uneventful until a fire breaks out. An outstanding film that won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard Competition at Cannes.

A First Farewell

Dir.: Wang Lina
| 88 minutes

The serene life of Isa, a young Uighur boy from the Xinjiang Province in the Republic of China, is upended by several separations. A rewarding glimpse into the challenges faced by a Muslim minority. Winner of two prizes at the Berlin Film Festival.

A Fish Tale

Dir.: Emmanuelle Mayer
| 52 minutes

Johnny believes in the future of Africa. His wife, Therese, doesn't any more. He dreams of returning home with advanced Western knowledge. When their viewpoints collide, the family's fate is forever altered.


Dir.: Tamar Rudoy
| 19 minutes

In a punk party on the beach, young May gets to know an older guy and has sex for the first time. Deprived of any kind of emotional support, she falls into a whirlpool of self-destruction.

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 2


Dir.: Philippe Lesage
| 129 minutes

A heartfelt drama that follows a sharp-tongued boarding school student and his half-sister who navigate between their desire to be free and their need for love. An intelligent film that examines the emotional challenges 

Ghost Town Anthology

Dir.: Denis Côté
| 96 minutes

In a small town in Quebec, with a population of 215, a young man dies in a car accident. Or was it an accident? From that point on, something descends slowly upon the area and strangers start to appear. A haunting cinematic tale by Denis Côté (Vic + Flo Saw a Bear).

Ghost Tropic

Dir.: Bas Devos
| 85 minutes

After a long day at work, Khadija falls asleep on the subway. When she awakes, she finds herself alone at the last station. Forced to walk home, she embarks on a nocturnal journey filled with surprising encounters.

Give Me Liberty

Dir.: Kirill Mikhanovsky
| 119 minutes

Vic, a young Russian-American works as a driver for the disabled. When persuaded to drive his grandfather and all of his Russian neighbors to the funeral of someone in their building, Vic’s day spirals out of control.

God of The Piano

Dir.: Itay Tal
| 80 minutes

Anat, who comes from a family of classical musicians, rests her hopes for fulfillment on the child she's about to have. When her son is born deaf, she adopts drastic measures.

Graves Without a Name

Dir.: Rithy Panh
| 116 minutes

Panh continues the journey he began with The Missing Picture (2013) in which he revisited the atrocities in 1970s Cambodia. The film focuses on Panh’s attempts to locate the burial sites of family members murdered by the Khmer Rouge.


Dir.: Neil Jordan
| 98 minutes

Esteemed Irish director, Neil Jordan’s new film is a psychological thriller starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloë Grace Moretz. A young woman befriends a quirky French widow, but the mysterious woman’s troubling intentions are soon revealed.


Dir.: Armando Praça
| 97 minutes

Pedro, a male nurse in Brazil needs a bed for a sick friend and decides to help a police-monitored criminal escape from the hospital. He takes the man to his apartment to treat him and a romantic-abusive relationship ensues.

The Grim Reaper

Dir.: Bernardo Bertolucci
| 88 minutes

When a young girl’s body is discovered, police round up suspects who recount their versions of the events in a series of flashbacks. Bertolucci’s debut is a meditation on truth that combines elements of suspense with a poetic atmosphere.

The Ground Beneath My Feet

Dir.: Marie Kreutzer
| 108 minutes

A young business consultant who attempts to juggle a demanding career and her mentally ill sister, gradually begins to lose control over her life. A drama that transports the viewer into the heroine’s consciousness.