Monthly Screenings

The Road to Mandalay

Dir.: Midi Z
| 108 minutes

Lianqing escapes Myanmar to seek employment in Bangkok. As an illegal immigrant, she discovers that while her reliance on others may be necessary, it is no less dangerous. A powerful and subtle assemblage of unforgettable scenes. 

The Samourai

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Melville
| 105 minutes

A cold-hearted hit man finds himself in an ongoing nightmare with the gangsters who hired him and the police on his tail. Jean-Pierre Melville’s celebrated masterpiece, starring Alain Delon in one of the greatest roles of his career. The film’s premiere screening (14.7) is part of the Retrospective launch event with the participation of Serge Toubiana and Dan Fainaru.  


Dir.: Matan Yair
| 92 minutes

Seventeen-year-old Asher is split between his charismatic teacher and his brash father, who wants him to take over his scaffolding business.


Dir.: Gilberto Tofano
| 100 minutes

Tamar lost her husband in the Six Day War, and now wants to put her pain behind her and find new love. However, her late husband's friends and family expect her to remain in mourning for the rest of her life to keep his memory alive. A Newly restored DCP.

The Silence of the Sea

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Melville
| 87 minutes

A German officer lives with a rural family in Nazi-occupied France. The tenants listen in silence as he speaks of his feelings, music, the War and his love for France. Screened with 24 Hours in the Life of a Clown (18 min.).  


Dir.: Kristóf Deák
| 25 minutes

Budapest, the 1990s - dawn of the post-communist era. Zsófi joins the renowned choir at her new school. But when an admired instructor’s corruption is revealed, Zsófi and her friends face a dilemma: play along or reveal the offence. (fiction)

2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts Live Action

Streetscapes [Dialogue]

Dir.: Heinz Emigholz
| 132 minutes

Heinz Emigholz’s film is based on a marathon analytical process he undertook with trauma specialist Zohar Rubinstein. Their re-enacted exchange probes the director’s entire oeuvre, which is largely dedicated to the experience of architecture. 

Summer 1993

Dir.: Carla Simón
| 96 minutes

After her parents’ death, 6-year-old Frida spends the summer at her aunt and uncle’s home in rural Catalonia, where she finds it hard to cope with her loss and adapt to a new life. Winner of Best First Feature at Berlinale 2017. 

A Taste of Ink

Dir.: Morgan Simon
| 80 minutes

Since his mother died, a young Metal musician’s relationship with his father has become increasingly confrontational. When a new woman enters his father’s life, unexpected emotions surface. A debut that gained a special mention at the San Sebastian FF.                   

Tehran Taboo

Dir.: Ali Soozandeh
| 93 minutes

A magnificent animated film that takes us to Tehran, a city of restrictions and religious laws where every transgression can lead to draconian punishment. Three women and a musician take an alternative path, setting out on a daring journey. 


Dir.: Juanjo Giménez Peña
| 15 minutes

Two parking lot security guards work opposite shifts: Luna, mornings; Diego, nights. The tediousness of their work is broken when they discover a unique way to communicate, despite the constraints of time. (fiction)

2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts Live Action

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

Dir.: Tyler Hubby
| 94 minutes

Tony Conrad was one of the best kept secrets of the 1960s New York Avant-Garde scene. Filmed over twenty years, Tyler Hubby's documentary builds an exhilarating case for why the irascible Harvard-trained mathematician, was a notable art activist and iconoclastic wizard.


Dir.: Shaul Schwarz, Christina Clusiau
| 108 minutes

A highly acclaimed film that straddles the US and Africa to present a complex portrait of the world of hunting. Interwoven with impressive cinematography, a challenging debate evolves: could hunting guarantee the survival of endangered species?