Monthly Screenings

Field Diary

Dir.: Amos Gitai
| 83 minutes

Amos Gitai documents the IDF’s actions in the Occupied Territories before and during the invasion of Lebanon. Gitai’s camera is not an objective eye, but rather, a subversive means of expression on the Occupation.

The Finger Man

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Melville
| 108 minutes

An ex-con tries to join his old gang, which now includes a police snitch. Sucked into a whirlwind of suspicion, the gangsters take extreme action. An exemplary homage to American Film Noir, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo. 


Dir.: François Ozon
| 113 minutes

François Ozon’s film takes us to a small German town in 1919. Anna meets Adrian, a young Frenchman who has come to lay flowers on the grave of her fiancé, killed in WWI. His presence, so soon after Germany’s defeat, kindles new desires. 

Free Fire

Dir.: Ben Wheatley
| 90 minutes

In Boston of 1978, two gangs meet in a deserted factory to finalize an arms deal. They’re hoping for a swift exchange, but a petty quarrel becomes a chaotic gunfight. A mad crime comedy by British director Ben Wheatley. 

Gabriel and the Mountain

Dir.: Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa
| 127 minutes

A young Brazilian traveling the world arrives in Kenya determined to discover the Dark Continent and meets up with his girlfriend who also arrives from Brazil. A cinematic epic screened at Cannes Critics Week where it won two awards. 

Gaza Surf Club

Dir.: Mickey Yamine, Philip Gnadt
| 87 minutes

A heart-warming documentary about a group of young Gaza residents determined to realize their aspirations through surfing. Despite economic distress, Hamas rule, and the conflict with Israel, they manage to find a bit of freedom on the waves.  

A Gentle Creature

Dir.: Sergei Loznitsa
| 143 minutes

Upon receiving a package addressed to her imprisoned husband, a woman travels to the distant prison. But her journey becomes an absurd odyssey into Russia’s heartless darkness – an allegory on contemporary Russia.  

God's Own Country

Dir.: Francis Lee
| 104 minutes

A young sheep breeder whose feelings are repressed through hard labor and excessive drinking, is emotionally recharged when a Romanian foreign worker is hired to help on the farm. A moving romantic drama screened at Sundance and Berlin. 


Dir.: Ralitza Petrova
| 99 minutes

Winner of the top prize at the Locarno Film Festival. In a Bulgarian village, a nurse steals ID cards from her demented patients to sell on the black market. While her relationships are no source of comfort, a new patient touches her distorted conscience.

Golden Exits

Dir.: Alex Ross Perry
| 94 minutes

A beautiful Australian exchange student uncovers the hidden pain of two Brooklynite families. Starring Emily Browning, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jason Schwartzman, Alex Ross Perry presents a touching and gentle film.   

Good Time

Dir.: Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
| 100 minutes

Brotherly love is put to the test when a bank robbery turns into a chaotic nocturnal journey through the streets of New York in this brilliant film by the Safdie brothers. Screened at Cannes 2017, with Robert Pattinson in the lead role. 

The Great Eagle

Dir.: Uri Rosenwaks
| 150 minutes

Delving into the world of Maimonides, the greatest Jewish adjudicator and philosopher clarifies one thing; if he would suddenly awake and appear in the State of Israel of 2017, he would most certainly be baffled.

Heal the Living

Dir.: Katell Quillévéré
| 104 minutes

A young surfer from Normandy is hospitalized after a terrible accident. No one can tell if he’ll survive. At the same time in Paris, a woman awaits an organ transplant. An exemplary French drama about the fragility of life.    

Holy Air

Dir.: Shady Srour
| 81 minutes

When Lamia becomes pregnant, Adam decides it’s time to make it big and provide for his family by entering the biggest local business – religion. He begins to sell… Holy Air.

I Am Not a Witch

Dir.: Rungano Nyoni
| 95 minutes

Nine-year-old Shula is denounced as a witch and sent to witch camp. Told that if she tries to escape she will turn into a goat, Shula must decide whether to accept her fate or risk everything for freedom. An original debut film shown at Cannes 2017. 

I Am Not Madame Bovary

Dir.: Xiaogang Feng
| 128 minutes

Xiaogang Feng presents a shrewd social satire through the story of a provincial woman’s struggle to clear her name. Winner of Best Film and Best Actress awards at the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival.

I Dream in Another Language

Dir.: Ernesto Contreras
| 103 minutes

Winner of the Audience Award at Sundance FF 2017. Martín, a young linguist, hopes to preserve an endangered ancient dialect. He travels to the jungle to locate two surviving speakers who have not spoken to one another for fifty years.  

I Had Nowhere to Go

Dir.: Douglas Gordon
| 97 minutes

Jonas Mekas, the godfather of American avant-garde cinema, puts himself in the hands of celebrated artist Douglas Gordon, who deploys his sturdy presence, sonorous voice, and actual memoir to evoke life as a Lithuanian refugee during World War II.

In Her Footsteps

Dir.: Rana Abu Fraiha
| 70 minutes

My mother's last wish was to be buried as a Muslim in Omer, our Jewish hometown, where she lived for 20 years. I accompany my mother on her last journey that forces the entire family to deal with dilemmas and loss.