Monthly Screenings

In the intense Now

Dir.: João Moreira Salles
| 127 minutes

Can the camera lens capture an historical revolution in real-time? In this fascinating documentary, Brazilian filmmaker João Moreira Salles questions how the drama of imminent revolutions is immortalized on film. Short:

In the Shadow of Women

Dir.: Philippe Garrel
| 73 minutes

Film great Philippe Garrel proves that the Nouvelle Vague is still alive and kicking with a witty comedic drama about a love triangle in Paris, a witty investigation into the death of relationships and the mysterious ways of passion.

Ismael's Ghosts

Dir.: Arnaud Desplechin
| 114 minutes

Arnaud Desplechin’s new film opened the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Ismael is a film director whose real life becomes a cinematic plot. He must choose between the woman in his life and an old flame who reappears after a twenty-year disappearance. 

Israel, Why

Dir.: Claude Lanzmann
| 190 minutes

Claude Lanzmann’s (Shoah) film from 1972 is a riveting panorama of Israel between the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars. Traveling the country, Lanzmann is particularly impressed by its young society. 

La Familia

Dir.: Gustavo Rondón Córdova
| 82 minutes

Andrés and his son Pedro live in a bad neighbourhood in Caracas. When Pedro pushes the limit, they escape to save their lives. A spirited film that makes the most of the urban landscapes and the special dynamic between the actors.

Lady Macbeth

Dir.: William Oldroyd
| 89 minutes

This exemplary adaptation of Nicholai Lascov’s novella has been a hit at all major film festivals, and won the Critics award at San Sebastian. In England of 1865, a romance between a young woman sold into marriage and an estate worker leads the heroine down a dark path. 

Leon Morin, Priest

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Melville
| 117 minutes

The story of the illicit love between a young war widow and an open-hearted priest in a small French village during the Nazi occupation. A masterpiece by Jean Pierre Melville, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Emmanuelle Riva.


Dir.: Savi Gabizon
| 100 minutes

Ariel Bloch is very surprise when his college-days ex-girlfriend calls him. When they'll meet she will tell him couple of things: First, when they broke up she was pregnant with his child. The second thing will change his life forever.  

Lost in Paris

Dir.: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon
| 83 minutes

Fiona arrives in Paris after in search of her 93-year-old aunt, only to discover the old lady is missing. A slapstick comedy in the spirit of Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati. 

Lover for a Day

Dir.: Philippe Garrel
| 76 minutes

Separated from her boyfriend, heartbroken Jeanne knocks on her father’s door. But her welcome is matched by a baffling discovery: her father’s new girlfriend is his student, and also Jeanne’s age. Phillipe Garrel’s latest film. 


Dir.: Thierry Frémaux
| 90 minutes

An exhilarating journey to the birth of cinema via films by cinemograph inventors, the Lumière brothers. Thierry Frémaux digitally restored 98 (of 1400) films, adding narration that illuminates their vast impact on contemporary cinema. 

A Man of Integrity

Dir.: Mohammad Rasoulof
| 117 minutes

A powerful drama, awarded First Prize in the Un Certain Regard competition at the Cannes Film Festival. A fish farmer’s routine is disrupted by a corrupt company with strong ties to the authorities seeking to take over every aspect of life in the region.

The Man with the Iron Heart

Dir.: Cédric Jimenez
| 120 minutes

A thriller based on Laurent Binet’s bestseller about the assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi criminal, architect of the “Final Solution.” The film portrays his personal life alongside his military activities. 


Dir.: Julian Rosefeldt
| 95 minutes

Cate Blanchett inhabits thirteen different personas in Julian Rosefeldt's wondrous feature film, paying homage to the moving tradition and literary beauty of artistic manifestos, ultimately questioning the role of the artist in society today. 


Dir.: Joshua Z. Weinstein
| 82 minutes

Menashe, a widowed ultra-Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, fights for custody of his son. The rabbi gives him a week to prove he’s worthy. A touching drama that explores the nature of faith and the cost of parenthood. 


Dir.: Oliver Laxe
| 93 minutes

A caravan carries a dying sheik who wishes to be buried beside his loved ones in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. After his death, two crooks promise to complete the mission. Winner of the Cannes Critics Week award 2016.

The Most Beautiful Island

Dir.: Ana Asensio
| 80 minutes

A young Spanish immigrant escaping her past arrives in New York where she gets a mysterious job offer. A magnetic film that sheds light on a dark corner of the American dream cliché. Winner of the top prize at the SXSW Festival.

The Museum

Dir.: Ran Tal
| 74 minutes

The Museum is a film that observes, examines and ponders Israel's most important cultural institution, the Israel Museum