Monthly Screenings

My Happy Family

Dir.: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross
| 119 minutes

Manana, 52, is fed up with her life. She rents an apartment in Tbilisi, far from her parents, husband and children who wonder why she has left and whether she’ll return. A film that shifts with remarkable ease from solemnity to smiles. 


Dir.: Claude Lanzmann
| 100 minutes

In his new film, titan documentarian Claude Lanzmann takes us to North Korea, 1958, to a random, yet life-changing encounter between a young Frenchman and a nurse at the Red Cross hospital in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital.


Dir.: Amit V. Masurkar
| 104 minutes

A rookie civil servant stationed in the jungle during elections in India, faces both guerrilla forces and the locals’ apathy toward the democratic process in a dramatic comedy, winner of the CICAE award at the 2017 Berlinale. 

The Nothing Factory

Dir.: Pedro Pinho
| 176 minutes

Discovering their factory’s equipment has been smuggled out by management, workers fear the worst and fight for their future. A captivating socially aware work, winner of The International Federation of Critics award. 


Dir.: Noa Gottesman, Asaf Schwartz
| 13 minutes

Eighteen-year-old Omer wakes up one day with a thick beard and discovers that he has turned into Omar, an Arab. This impossible situation forces Omar to keep his new identity undercover….

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 1

On the Beach at Night Alone

Dir.: Hong Sang-soo
| 104 minutes

A young artist involved in a complex relationship with a married film director visits a strange city. How important is love? She wonders. Korean master, Hong Sang-soo’s latest work, recipient of the Best Actress award at Berlinale 2017. 

The Ornithologist

Dir.: João Pedro Rodrigues
| 118 minutes

An ornithologist’s boat is swept away by currents. Rescued by two Chinese pilgrims, he’s driven in to the forest where mysterious encounters force him to take extreme action.  A widely acclaimed film, winner of Best Director at Locarno FF. 

The Other Side of Hope

Dir.: Aki Kaurismäki
| 100 minutes

In contemporary Finland, a chance meeting between a salesman and a Syrian refugee provides them with abundant hope. Renowned Finnish director, Aki Kaurismäki’s new film won the Silver Bear prize for directing at Berlin this year. 

The Paris Opera

Dir.: Jean-Stéphane Bron
| 111 minutes

A fascinating documentary that takes us behind the scenes of the Palais Garnier, one of the world’s most prestigious theatres. The film was shot over one performance season, the first under Stephane Lissner’s artistic direction.          


Dir.: Sofia Exarchou
| 100 minutes

Ten years after the games, the Olympic Village in Athens stands deserted and derelict, its facilities in ruins. Through the mischief of children who play on the grounds, the film traces the image of a lost generation, robbed of its future.    

Patti Cake$

Dir.: Geremy Jasper
| 108 minutes

Patti Cake$, a white, overweight, charismatic and enormously talented rapper dreams of escaping her tedious life in New Jersey. With the help of good friends and her grandmother, Patti sets out to conquer the Hip-Hop scene. 


Dir.: Patrick Osborne
| 6 minutes

This entire film takes place in a car - a father and daughter’s makeshift home - as they travel from city to city, sharing their love for music. Shot in virtual reality, it was the first of its kind to win an Oscar nomination. 

2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts Animation


Dir.: Alan Barillaro
| 6 minutes

A minimalistic animated film about facing fear. Piper, a baby bird leaves her mother’s nest on the seashore in search for food.  With dinner in the water, Piper must overcome her fear of the ocean and dive into the waves. 

2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts Animation

The Pot and the Oak

Dir.: Kiarash Anvari
| 72 minutes

The married life of an Iranian theatre persona collapses when he discovers he is sterile. A virtuosic film combining multiple cinematic devices to explore damaged masculinity, and show how a lie causes alienation within the couple’s relationship.  

The Prince of Nothingwood

Dir.: Sonia Kronlund
| 85 minutes

A fascinating, funny, and touching documentary about Afghanistan’s most popular filmmaker who over the past 30 years has directed, produced, and acted in more than 110 movies. Widely appreciated at Cannes this year.    

Rachel Agmon

Dir.: Yair Agmon
| 50 minutes

Yair is now exposed to two completely conflicting narratives, which make up one story - funny, whacky, full of lies, grandeur, wretchedness - and love.

The Red Circle

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Melville
| 140 minutes

A recently released convict, an alcoholic former policeman and a fugitive convict plan a jewelry heist. Gangster movie whiz Melville concocts an electrifying, yet subtle philosophical allegory. Starring Alain Delon and Yves Montand.


Dir.: Michel Hazanavicius
| 107 minutes

The love story between Jean-Luc Godard and actress Anne Wiazemsky against the backdrop of the events of May 1968.  Michel Hazanavicius’s (The Artist) homage to the great French New Wave director. A mad comedy, at once witty, intelligent, and touching.